Helping Individuals / Non-profits Make A Difference
Jane Kuechle

Jane will work with you so your time talent and treasure are used for maximum impact.

  • She will help you discover your passion and learn who in your community shares your values and is making a difference.
  • She will help you evaluate opportunities for investment in non-profit organizations making positive impact on issues you care about.
  • She will help you to find volunteer opportunities where your time and talent can be best used to make a difference.

Jane will help non-profits make the best use of their volunteers’ gifts of time and talent.

  • She will work with boards of directors to make board meetings productive and meaningful.
  • She will help boards of directors create structure and process that makes effective use of each member's time and talent.
  • She will provide coaching for board chairs, executive committees and senior management to help them create effective and dynamic leadership environments.

"Ms. Kuechle is a top-notch nonprofit leader. She is recognized in the nonprofit sector for her fundraising, board development, and networking talents. Jane is known for her collaboration and for mentoring other organizations and individuals. As the CDO of AtWork!, she raised the bar for fundraising professionals across our service sector."

Chris Brandt, CEO, AtWork!

“Jane’s presentation was a hit! I think she did a great job getting the message across about the governing and volunteer responsibilities of the board. It was also a terrific lead-in too, I thought, for Helen when she talked with the board about how to help with the upcoming fundraising luncheon. She referenced a few things that Jane said during her talk, re-emphasizing that “volunteer” piece. It worked well.”

Liz Swanson, Director, Eastside Baby Corner Board

“Thank you so much for your time and guidance in leading the Washington State Business Leadership Network through our strategic planning session. Your pre-session interviews shed light on new concerns and opportunities for us to grow and evolve. I really appreciate your guidance and facilitation in helping us through this process.”

Karen Walters, CEO, 
Washington State Business Leadership Network

“Jane has much experience and a great heart for working with people and getting projects done - she will make it happen based on what is needed for the process and the people.”

Janice Jaworski, Resource Development, Washington Business Week

“Jane’s presentation was well thought out with a large amount of valuable information about how to incorporate social media into a non-profit communications strategy.”

Doug Seto, Executive Director, Lake Washington School Schools Foundation

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